T.R.E.E. House Children's Museum

T.R.E.E. House Children's Museum
We’re a hands-on educational children’s museum with activities and play areas dedicated to fostering inquiry, imagination, and learning!
The mission of T.R.E.E. House is to provide our children an environment, which can cultivate and enrich the soil for lifelong learning.

Our goal is to provide hands-on exhibits and innovative programs in order to meet the following objectives:

Education: To serve as a model of authentic learning regarding math, science, social studies, and the humanities which through sensory application ultimately fosters feelings of confidence and adequacy.

Family: Offer families a chance to experience the joy of learning together in a wholesome environment and providing parents with the feeling that they are also contributing to the education of their children.

Discovery: Recognize the value of self-discovery learning and providing exhibits that will stimulate curiosity and motivate learning.

Public Dimension: To serve as a reference resource for other organizations, to build partnerships with the sole purpose of life within our community.