Randolph Riverfront Center: The Heartbeat of Alexandria

Randolph Riverfront Center

Welcome to the Randolph Riverfront Center in Alexandria, LA! It’s a special place where old charm meets new style, making it perfect for any event you’re planning. From beautiful weddings to professional meetings, we’re all about bringing people together and making those moments special.

What is the history of the Randolph Riverfront Center?

The Randolph Riverfront Center started with the goal of making the waterfront area more vibrant. It quickly became the top place for events in Alexandria, LA. Its opening made a big difference in revitalizing the downtown area and it’s now a key part of the city’s culture and social life.

When was the Randolph Riverfront Center established?

Founded in 1996, the Randolph Riverfront Center has been hosting memorable events for more than 25 years. It has been the backdrop for many special memories and important moments.

Who founded the Randolph Riverfront Center?

During his time as Mayor, Ned Randolph turned his vision into reality by creating the Randolph Riverfront Center. This place, built to strengthen community ties, has become a popular venue for hosting major life events.

What is the vision of the Randolph Riverfront Center?

The goal of the Randolph Riverfront Center is to combine the features of big-city convention centers with the convenience of a location in central Louisiana. It also offers a touch of Southern hospitality, making it an ideal place for hosting different types of events.

Who is the current manager of the Randolph Riverfront Center?

Derek Turner has been leading the Randolph Riverfront Center for 12 years, focusing on outstanding event management and customer happiness. His long service highlights his commitment to making sure the center runs smoothly for all its events.

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